Charitable Foundation for assistance in providing medical and social and rehabilitative care for children with severe trauma and its consequences

Joint project with Johnson'®s Baby



From 1 to 31 October, Johnson’®s Baby and the Charity Foundation of providing medical and social rehabilitation and care for children with severe trauma and its consequences (The Fund of Children's Dr. Roshal) hold “good month”, the purpose of which will be fund- raising for the rehabilitation of children in the Scientific Research Institute of Emergency Children's Surgery and Traumatology of the Department of Health in Moscow. This unique medical institution, annually, receives more than three thousand children with cranial and spinal injuries, 160-180 – children of which with severe neurotrauma, and they are in need of long-term care and complex multi-stage rehabilitation.


Children with severe traumatic brain injury may be in the long-term reduced state of consciousness, be fed through a gastrostomy tube to breathe through a tracheostomy. Children with severe spinal injury with spinal cord injury have no less problem . Although, they are fully conscious, but are immobilized for a long time and often forced to feed and breathe through a specially installed pipe. Worldwide treatment and rehabilitation of these patients are very expensive and a weighty role in the financing of this aid belongs to charitable funds. In Russia, the mandatory health insurance covers a limited number of days of treatment of these patients in the acute period in hospital (30 days - in the intensive care unit and 45 days – in a specialist unit), so it is extremely insufficient. It’s impossible to move these children to any rehabilitation centers, because they are not ready to take such a heavy contingent of patients requiring intensive care, treatment and rehabilitation. It’s impossible to discharge them home as well. Payment on the CHI is completed. Next free admission to the hospital, paid from the compulsory health insurance will be available no earlier than in a month, and a limited number of days will be even less than before. As a result, the child's serious illness burden on the shoulders of parents, forcing them to look for sponsors to send the child abroad for treatment, with the help of numerous foundations. In addition, children are in need of modern technical means of rehabilitation, care and household items, but they are very expensive and they are not always covered with the state funds, allocated as an invalidity benefit.


TheFoundation of Children's Dr. Roshal, which was created in 2014 at the Institute, organize highly skilled rehabilitation, medical and social assistance to those children with additional financial resources. The main objective of the Foundation - ensuring Russia's high-quality medical and rehabilitative care for children affected by severe injuries, as well as attracting the best talent and unique technologies.


The project « Together for Child Safety » and Johnson’®s Baby - the flagship brand of the company Johnson & Johnson, have become partners of the Fund and they are directly involved in raising funds for the rehabilitation of these children, helping to actualize the theme of child safety.


Within «the good month», in 10 Russian regions, there is a promotional campaign, when 1 ruble from each purchase of Johnson’®s Baby products, is directed to the treatment and rehabilitation of these children at the Research Institute of Emergency Children's Surgery and Traumatology. It is planned to help children from different regions of Russia, with children from Murmansk, Pskov, Irkutsk Regions and Moscow, have became the heroes of the charity campaign. Their stories are posted on theme websites, on their hometowns’ information sites. Parents of children are the «messengers» of the project, and provide all possible support to the dissemination of information about child safety. By the start of «the good month», the launch thematic site Johnson’®s Baby is timed, which contains full information about the project, its participants and partners, an opportunity to help affected kids


In addition, within «the good month», there will be press event at the Research Institute of Children's Emergency Surgery and Traumatology. Organizers of the project, together with «star parents», the representatives of the medical community and businesses, will provide relevant information on child safety, rehabilitation opportunities in Russia, support of child victims. Charity event Johnson’®s Baby is supported by commercial public structures. She was joined by more than 30 organizations, among them - the retail and pharmacy chains, manufacturers of children's products, and strategic communications agency, media.


« We are very pleased, that our large-scale social project in Russia has caused such a response», - says PR manager of Johnson & Johnson Natalia Pavlova. – «It was important for us not just to organize the next campaign, but create a long-term project to raise the topic of children's safety in Russia, to help child victims. Simple things can prevent a terrible disaster. That is why we have created a thematic site of the project «Together for the children's safety! », started our cooperation with the Foundation of Dr. Roshal, we plan to hold educational programs. We hope, that together we can protect our children from serious injury, will help parents to organize a safe environment for their kids, and to help to organize the rehabilitation of children in the Children's Research Institute of Emergency Surgery and Traumatology».


The event symbol became a bear Potapini – a «friend» of the Foundation, the disciple and assistant. Potapini carries doctor’s messages to children, telling them how to behave at home, on vacation, on the road . The information about The Fund of Children’s Dr. Roshal is available at, more information about the project: Natalia Pavlova – PR manager of «Johnson & Johnson» 33 + 790606375, Margarita Matrosov PRmenedzher «Driving without danger» bodies. +79636940458,


For information:

The project «Together for the children's safety! » is initiated by JOHNSON’S® Baby, covers topical issues of proper care of the baby, safe at home, on a walk, a journey. Johnson’s® Baby SafeKidsWorldwide developed with the support of important practical tips for moms and dads to help children make the world a safer place. Official information about the project, and information for parents posted on a website


Nikita Bodak – 11 y.o. Moscow.



The boy requires continuing  rehabilitation after traumatic brain injury. The tragedy occurred on October 5, 2012. Nikita was crossing the railroad tracks and did not notice the approaching train, locomotive hurt the boy. Nikita got a very severe traumatic brain injury, he survived clinical death three times. Russian doctors, miraculously, rescued the child, German experts helped pass the first stage of recovery. Another program is planned for the rehabilitation of the Research Institute of Emergency Children's Surgery and Traumatology  of the Department of Health in Moscow. Nikita’s dad – a chief physician assistant, he was able to survive the tragedy, to set up his son to fight together and begin the road to recovery.

 Matvei  Brysin - 8 y.o., the city of Ust - Ilimsk of the Irkutsk region.


April 4, 2010 the child with his mother was in a traffic accident. The driver of the car in which the family was traveling, exceeded the speed, as a result, the car on an icy road got in an accident. First aid and treatment of the child were organized in Irkutsk. In October 2010, the boy came to the clinic of Dr. Roshal, where  were carried out major operations, launched a program of rehabilitation after traumatic brain injury. Matvei is not talking, can not walk. This kid emotionally responsive, he has favorite games and activities. For example, he likes to play the pad, put puzzles, sculpt clay. In his hometown,his parents can not arrange his son literate recovery scheme. It takes a comprehensive survey to assess the condition of the child, the implementation of the rehabilitation program. The help of speech therapists rehabilitation specialists, exercise physiologist and other professionals is needed.

Valeria  Medova - 12 y.o., Pskov region.


In February 2010, the girl was returning by bus from the school. At the bus stop she was met by her dad. Lera, violating traffic rules, began to cross the road in front of the bus. Child was hit by oncoming cars. Girl got tricky injury, had 82 days in a coma. The first treatment of the baby was in Pskov, then she was transferred to the Scientific Research Institute of Emergency Children's Surgery and Traumatology. At this stage, the further rehabilitation requires, to help the child recover. Parents blame themselves for the tragedy, and they worry about the fate of his daughter very much. Before the accident, Valeria had a lot of friends, she always struck with her activity and curiosity. Now the situation has changed, the child needs help and support.

Regina Leonova - 4 y.o., the village of Murmashi of Murmansk region.


In November 2012, her family was resting in the Tver region. The tragedy was caused by a drunk driver. The car ran over the girl, her brother and mother when they were standing on the sidewalk. The main blow fell on the 2-year-old child. Regina was treated in Tver and Murmansk, the parents appealed to the Research Institute of Emergency Children's Surgery and Traumatology for consultation, where it was decided to make additional r brain surgery. After surgery, the child began actively recovering, the girl has good development prospects. Now the family hopes to get more rehabilitation in a Moscow clinic. There is need in the work of pathologists, therapists, specialists in physical therapy, counseling Neuropathy.

FarhadGadzhiahmedov, Grozny (2005 born)

Farhad is only 9 years old. In the summer of 2012, a boy was injured in a car accident. Within a month after the terrible accident, the baby was in a coma. The boy's mother hoped only for a miracle. Farhad has severe traumatic brain injury as a result of which he can not walk, sit and talk. Farhad has twice passed rehabilitation at the Research Institute of Emergency Children's Surgery and Traumatology in Moscow. Through the courses of rehabilitation doctors see a positive trend in the state Farhadchika. And there is hope that the boy will be partially restored. Treatment requires a large cash outlay, and his mother is forced to be around her son day and night. The family rents an apartment and lives without a father.







Labazanova Fatimat Muhtarhanovna (born 2002)

October 26, 2011, Fatimat went home from school, crossing the street the girl  was hit by a car. Fatimat received a severe head injury and was in intensive care for more than three weeks. The girl has received treatment in different medical institutions in Dagestan, but the recovery is still far. Fatimat  remembers everything, recognizes everybody, but can not walk alone and eat. The only words that she can now pronounce - the elementary words: "Mom, Dad." The left side of the girl works well, right - worse.


Rehabilitation in the Research Institute of Emergency Children's Surgery and Traumatology in Moscow will help speed up the recovery after a serious injury.

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