Charitable Foundation for assistance in providing medical and social and rehabilitative care for children with severe trauma and its consequences

Programs of the Fund -



Program 1: «Warn!»


Injuries can be prevented! The main goal of the program - effective measures to prevent injuries.

The most seriously injured children are a result of:
 road traffic accidents (RTA) in which the child was either as a passenger (not tacked or it was used substandard seat) or as a pedestrian - not complied with the rules of the road;
 drop (catastrophically growing number of young children dropped out of windows);
 participation in extreme sports (bungee jumping, diving headfirst into untested areas, riding a roller coaster at the wall, parkour (jumping from the roofs), falling from incredible places and so on.);
 riding on the extreme forms of transport (scooters, etc.) Without proper protection and without a driver's license;
 riding on trains through engagement of the cars, on rooftops (in addition to the injury , the child receives deep burns);

 contraction by small children the heavy objects (especially television);
 experiments with fireworks, father’s weapons;
 child abuse.
There are cases of serious injury in the school at breaks, during games, competitions, fights.

Preventive measures:
 cycles of work with children in schools and kindergartens to comply with traffic rules, safe fall, raising anxiety about their health;

 A special light-reflecting markings children's clothing;
 vaccinating children a culture of communication in public places;
 Creation of videos (movies) for television and the Internet, regular media work - a series of programs about the causes of different types of injuries and ways to prevent them, the psychological component of the injuries;
 opening sports sections of rock climbing and so on for children requiring thrills;
 work with companies that produce plastic windows;
 a ban on the legislative level, driving scooters without special protective clothing and the availability of driver's licenses, leaving children under 12 without adult supervision.


Program 2: «Help»!

If the injury occurred. The main goal of the program - to ensure the provision of quality and affordable health care:
 provision of necessary supplies and medicines;

• introduction of modern technologies of diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation;

 a systematic approach to health care and early intensive rehabilitation;
 preparation of highly qualified specialists and so on. Provision of necessary technical means of rehabilitation, care, etc .;

 Preparation of parents for contact with the child after the injury.


Program 3: «Win»!

Returning to a full life. The basic principle - to restore, where possible restore, compensate where there can not be recovered. The main goal of the program - a comprehensive medical and social rehabilitation of children who have had a serious injury, especially neurotrauma.

The main objectives of the program:
 attract the attention of the authorities and society to this problem;
 development of a system of rehabilitation of children with severe trauma in Russia;
 training of professional medical personnel;

 cooperation with the Russian Paralympic Committee;

 provide a forum for children and parents;
 development of the Institute of Volunteering;
 psychological and spiritual assistance to families;
 pedagogical and psychological work with children and adolescents (education of tolerance towards children with disabilities),

etc .;
 carry out research and clinical studies and scientific works in the field.

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