Charitable Foundation for assistance in providing medical and social and rehabilitative care for children with severe trauma and its consequences

Leonid Roshal’s Appeal



 Dear friends!

Many thanks to you for your attention to the really important problem for us - the provision of medical care for children with severe injuries and their consequences.

In Russia, every year, a few thousand of these children are added . Only in Moscow the gain is more than five hundred children a year – children, who become disabled as a result of a variety of severe neurotrauma (cranial and spinal). Health and social problems, associated with this problem, are very serious.

In Russia, thanks to the introduction of modern technologies in diagnosis and treatment, the specialized care for children with severe injuries is well organized, but unfortunately,  the system of rehabilitation for these children is not developed. Often, after resuscitation, performing complex operations, restoring vital functions, holding early intensive rehabilitation there is an acute question – - where to discharge children with a reduced state of consciousness, with trachea, and gastrostomy?None of the rehabilitation centers takes those children, parents are afraid to go home, the system of health care financing from the mandatory health insurance funds covers only a limited number of days of the patient staying in intensive care and a specialized department.  At the same time, a child in the acute and subacute period of severe trauma is in need of continuous   rehabilitation measures to restore consciousness, swallowing, cognitive functions, movement disorders rehabilitation, socialization, selection and adaptation to technical means of rehabilitation.  This is a huge problem for the child, a huge burden on the family, it is a heavy psychological and material condition of the parents, who do not know where to go and where to get help.

Children’s severe trauma – is an interdisciplinary problem. One health system can not cope with it.

That is why I’m appealing to the people of Russia today to announce that we have started to solve this problem by creating funds to assist in the provision of medical and social rehabilitation and care for children with severe trauma and its consequences, its purpose will be a relief condition of children, organizing rehabilitative care for them, supporting for parents, especially those, who can not keep a sick child, and unfortunately, they are the majority. We have the experience and excellent professionals and a great desire to help. Therefore, the Fund, based on the experience and support of the Research Institute of Emergency Children's Surgery and Traumatology of Moscow, on the basis of which it is created, is going to be, I am sure, the missing link that will give your child a chance to be saved not only to survive, but to become a full-fledged member of our society, and often fully return to his former life.

I call on all people to unite and become our companions and helpers in a really necessary and good business - to make life easier for those, who has survived and learns to live again after a serious injury, after becoming quite different physically, but still being the same child with the dreams of the future. Let us try to make joint efforts, so that, at least part of the seriously injured children will be able to come back to normal life. It is possible! For those, who will be unable to return to their former way of life, let us give our support, which are sorely lacking. Once again, thank you very much for understanding the problem and the full participation and support.

Director of the Research Institute of Emergency

Children's Surgery and Traumatology,
President of the International Charity
Foundation to help children in disasters and wars,
President of the Foundation in providing
medical and social care and rehabilitation
Children with severe trauma and its consequences
MD, professor                                                                      L.M.Roshal