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Ismailova Lilu



Ismayilova  Lilu, 12 y.o. In April 2014, Lilu, out of fear, jumped from the window  of the10th  floor, when collectors went to the apartment and began to organize a pogrom. Primary care the girl got in a children's hospital # 5 in St. Petersburg, where she was treated with the diagnosis of closed craniocerebral injury, severe brain contusion, subarachnoid hemorrhage, contusion of the brain stem. Closed injuries of the abdomen, rupture of the spleen, liver and intra-abdominal bleeding, gemopnevmotoraks, the gap of the upper pole of the right kidney. Closed injury of the chest, bilateral lung and heart contusion. Closed fracture of the right pelvis, fractured pubic and ischial bone without displacement. Fracture of the nose. Spastic syndrome.  After several surgeries, the girl was on iron lung for 2 weeks.


In November, 2014. (7 months after the injury) Lilu entered the Research Institute of Emergency Surgery and Traumatology for  assessing  the rehabilitation prognosis, Census and rehabilitation programs. On admission, the girl was pronounced contractures, spasticity, she practically could not move. An interdisciplinary team of experts in cognitive and motor rehabilitation was working with the child. During hospitalization, the girl became more emotional, began to smile and say words and phrases from 2 words. The range of motion in her legs and in her right hand Increased. The detailed recommendations and program of rehabilitation were done  and the child was discharged home.


The parents appealed to the Foundation to help financially for the readmission of the child at the Research Institute of Emergency Children's Surgery and Traumatology in order to continue an intensive inpatient rehabilitation. Assistance was provided. With  the fact in mind, that the recommendations given at the discharge from the Institute of Emergency Children's Surgery and Traumatology were clearly carried out at home, with the re-entry in January 2015. the girl was contact, answered questions with words, followed  the instructions within the existing paresis, swallowing she  rarely choked, was fed pureed food by mouth. There were language spasticity, dysarthria. In the field of motor: she held her head, sited with support, the range of motion in the limbs increased, there were permanent deformation of the ankles, contractures. The kid started to work again with the specialists of the department of rehabilitation. During the hospitalization it is noted positive dynamics - the girl began to sit in a wheelchair confidently, keeping her head, ankles deformation and dysarthria decreased. The feeding translated from grated toa common table, the speech production increased, there were more phrases, she began to try writing, reading by syllables, began to initiate communication (first say hello, smiles, speaks. With considerable positive dynamics and  with detailed recommendations, after the course of rehabilitation, Lilu was discharged home under medical supervision in the community.

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