Charitable Foundation for assistance in providing medical and social and rehabilitative care for children with severe trauma and its consequences

Gazgireev Yunus



Gazgireev Yunus, 8 y.o.

In September 2014, in Grozny, 8-year-old boy walked home from school after lessons. His mother was waiting him home with the grandmother, and his whole family. However, Yunus hasn’t come home - he was hit by the car that had left the scene. The boy received a serious open penetrating head injury, which further complicated by purulent ventriculitis multilokular  hydrocephalus. For 2.5 months, the child received treatment at the place of residence, and then, in a vegetative state, with severe suppurative complications of the brain,  in a state of extreme exhaustion and with bedsores, was transferred to the Institute of Emergency Children's Surgery and Traumatology. For 3.5 months, he received intensive treatment and rehabilitation at the the Research Institute of Emergency Children's Surgery and Traumatology, including a month - in intensive care. With the treatment , purulent complications of the brain were eliminated, the basal metabolic rate was normalized, was  picked a full feeding. He gained weight, pressure sores were cleared and then, excised surgically. After finishing  all the possible terms of  child’s  treating with  CHI,  the Foundation appealed to the Council of Muftis of Russia with a request to assist in the payment of further surgical treatment and rehabilitation of the child under the Research Institute of Emergency Children's Surgery and Traumatology. At this point, Yunus continued to need treatment, namely endoscopic bypass operations with the installation of a shunt. Funds for further surgical treatment were identified. It was purchased the required shunt for the child, performed endoscopic surgery for its establishment, continued rehabilitation.
After surgery, the child's condition improved. Despite the fact ,that he continued to be in a vegetative state, his reactions are significantly expanded, he has become more responsive to others. The child was seated in wheelchair. He was picked up rehabilitation equipment. With significant positive dynamics, the child was discharged home under the supervision of doctors in the community.

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