Charitable Foundation for assistance in providing medical and social and rehabilitative care for children with severe trauma and its consequences

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Information about the charity fund of assistance in the provision of medical and social rehabilitation and care for children with severe trauma and its consequences (Foundation of Children's Dr. Roshal)

In 2014, on the basis of the Research Institute of Emergency Children's Surgery and Traumatology, it was organized the Foundation for assistance in the provision of medical and social rehabilitation and care for children with severe trauma and its consequences (The Foundation of Children’s Dr. Roshal). The idea of ??the need for such a fund is the result of the presence of numerous problems (medical, social, financial, government, etc.), with which we, our patients with severe injuries and their parents have to face daily. A positive experience of charitable activities in the European countries (England, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and so on.) had  its influence too.
Annually, our Institute receives 3.5 thousand children with cranial and spinal injuries, 160-180 children of which with severe neurotrauma need long-term treatment and rehabilitation. Annually, in Russia, 6,000 children receive severe traumatic brain injury, in Moscow - 500, the same number - spinal. More recently, these children died, but today we have the opportunity not only to save their lives, but also to restore, as do the best foreign rehabilitation clinic. We, at the institute, organized a full cycle of specialized care from starting rehabilitation in the intensive care unit and continuing in the neurosurgical ward and on an outpatient basis.
 Such institutions are neither in Russia nor in the world.

However, every day, we are faced with a formidable challenge:

how to ensure quality and effective medical rehabilitation assistance to all those in need;

of what funds to pay for this assistance? CHI does not cover it, paying only 30 days of treatment in the intensive care unit and 45 days - in a specialist unit. In Germany and Switzerland, children with similar injuries are treated in hospital 1 year;

where to discharge the child from hospital after hospitalization? Today there is no rehabilitation center, which would  hospitalize children with traheo- and gastrostomy. Existing Russian rehabilitation centers accept children only at a late stage, when the time has already been lost;

what money should parents acquire the necessary modern rehabilitation equipment (wheelchairs, standings, splints, etc.).? Good modern facilities are expensive, disability allowance does not cover them;

where can parents receive information about available modern means of rehabilitation, rehabilitation opportunities, as well as opportunities to communicate with each other?

how to stop the appearance of various funds that making money on sending children to rehabilitation abroad, where it is not fully ensured, since there is a certain agreement between the Fund and  the host medical center on the limit of services? It's a shame, when our patients, referred by such funds, are called there "second-class citizens", using charity (literally from the mouth of one of the parents);

how to create an effective system of  phased rehabilitative care for children with severe consequences of neurotrauma and provide quality training in Russia?


How to ensure effective prevention? And much more.



The main motto of our foundation - providing high-quality medical and rehabilitative care for children with severe neurotrauma and its consequences in Russia!

The Board of Trustees includes well-known and respected people -  a Vice Speaker L.I. Shvetsova, a Senator and a polar explorer A.N. Chilingarov, a filmmaker - A.I.Surikova, representatives of faiths - Deputy Chairman of the Russian Council of Muftis R.Abbyasov and the rector of Church of the Icon of the Iberian Mother of God,archpriest A.Emelyanov, an Auditor of the Accounts Chamber of the Moscow region V.V.Grishin, a director of exemplary school and a few correctional kindergartens of Moscow M.A.Soloveva, a chairman of the Paralympic Committee, Vladimir Lukin , director of the Darwin Museum A.I.Klyukina,a  British lawyer Dominic Mark Mills.


Our main programs:

1). how to prevent injury;

2). what to do if the injury took place;

3). how to live with the consequences of the injury.


We approach the problem systemically- it is attracting foreign partners in scientific and clinical activity, injury prevention, the development of volunteering, training specialists, introduction of a single methodology providing rehabilitation assistance to children with serious injuries in Russia, working  with the Paralympic Committee for orientation of children with disabilities in sport, targeted assistance, and so forth.



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